Meet the LOLA Co-Founders

Meet the LOLA Co-Founders

We sat down with the our Co-Founders, Alex and Jordana, to get the scoop on what it really takes to build a tampon empire.

Favorite moment at LOLA so far?
Jordana Kier: Sitting in a room together at 7 am on launch day! After a year of building a brand from scratch, all of a sudden we were about to unleash LOLA to the world! It was just 5 women around a table, waiting to see what would happen and how people would react to our new concept. It was thrilling, nerve-wracking, and empowering.

Alex Friedman: When Jordana tested a disposable menstrual cup for the first time. There was a lot of build-up to that moment too.

Most unexpected challenge in getting LOLA off the ground?
AF: Finding the right team is both the hardest part, and the part that matters most! Every person on a small team makes a big difference to what we accomplish.

JK: It's not easy to find people with the right combination of talent, excitement for talking about tampons, and ability to be as hilarious as we think we are.

Who is the unsung hero of LOLA?
AF: There are so many! Definitely the editor at US Weekly who decided we were worthy of the Buzz-o-meter. And all of our early supporters.

JK: Don't forget the Union Square Pretzel guy. Always there for us when we need him most. And all of our friends who used whatever tampons we asked them to without pause for the last year. It has certainly taken a village to build this brand, and we are thankful for everyone who's been involved.

Where would you have to see LOLA to know you've made it?
In Beyoncé's bathroom.

AF: True. Also, we'll know we've made it when women expect more from their feminine care brands. When they can name the ingredients in their tampons. When they feel empowered to choose a feminine care brand that they prefer, rather than simply settle for what they have been given.

Who is your dream LOLA user?
JK: Mindy Kaling (a fellow Dartmouth alum!). Emma Stone. Michelle Obama. Amy Schumer. Tina Fey. Amy Poehler. Kate McKinnon. Misty Copeland.

AF: Amal Clooney. Lupita Nyong'O. Broad City ladies!. Ellen and Portia, though they may not need tampons anymore. P.S. If anyone knows any of these people, go ahead and send em a box on us!

What's one class you wish you had taken in college or Business School?
JK: How to sell tampons to Taylor Swift. Is that a class? That would come in handy today.

AF: As dorky as it sounds, sustainable design and production. In addition to knowing what's in our products, we're really conscious of how our products are made. That's definitely something we both wish we had studied but are enjoying running up that learning curve now.

Average number of unanswered emails in your inbox?
JK: Zero. We're crazy people. If there are more than 5, the world is about to end.

AF: Yup. Same. We're made for each other.

Favorite power snack?
AF: A banana if I'm being healthy, Cheetos from the office snack drawer if I'm not.

JK: Anything in the office that's free. Specifically Cheetos.

What's next for LOLA?
JK: More products are on the way! We can't wait to bring our customers everything they (and we) need. Keep the emails coming with product suggestions!

AF: 2016 is going to be a big year at Tampon HQ. We are so excited to launch our blog, The Broadcast, to ensure we can provide our community with all of the health and wellness content they need to make smart decisions.

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