Collection: Women’s Sexual Wellness Products

Sex essentials for peace of mind. Shop our women's sexual wellness products from the only sexual wellness line made of products approved by gynecologists, including natural condoms, hypoallergenic lubricant, and more.
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Why did LOLA launch sexual health products?

At LOLA, we’re dedicated to providing you with the products and resources you need to make informed decisions about your body.

As a brand founded by two women, and led by even more, we know that each new stage of our reproductive lives comes with new questions.

We’re also committed to ingredient transparency. Because if it’s going in or on your body, you should know what it’s made of. Like our period care, our sexual wellness products are made with high-quality ingredients and without toxins.

Until now, sex products have been aggressively marketed toward men and their desires. Our line — featuring ultra thin latex condomspersonal lubricantcleansing wipes, and a vibrating mini massager — is designed with you in mind. Our products are stripped of unnecessary, irritating additives to deliver the sensation and reliability that you deserve.

Are LOLA's sex products hypoallergenic?

Our cleansing wipes, personal lubricant, fertility-friendly lubricant, and pleasure gel are hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.

Our ultra thin condoms are not hypoallergenic because they are made with natural rubber latex and many people are allergic to latex. If you do not have a latex allergy, you should not experience any skin irritation from our condoms.

Our vibrating mini massager is made with body safe silicone and is completely latex-free.

Are LOLA's sex products gynecologist-approved?

Yes! LOLA's ultra thin condoms, personal lubricant, fertility-friendly lubricant, pleasure gel, and cleansing wipes are all gynecologist-approved.

Additionally, our water-based personal lubricant, fertility-friendly lubricant, and cleansing wipes (in both pouch and packet formats) are hypoallergenic, so they are safe for sensitive skin.

Is LOLA's packaging recyclable?

All LOLA wrappers, boxes, and bottles are recyclable.

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