5 healthy habits: Lauren Schwab, Co-Founder of Negative Underwear

5 healthy habits: Lauren Schwab, Co-Founder of Negative Underwear

Being healthy isn't a quick or easy endeavor " we get it! We certainly don't have an unlimited budget for $15 green juices or enough hours in the day to spend two of them at the gym. In our "5 healthy habits" series we get inspired by tips & tricks from real women (no celebrity yoga gurus allowed!) and share the healthful practices they've incorporated into their daily lives.

I launched Negative Underwear, a brand of minimalist luxury intimates for everyday, with my co-founder and very dear friend, Marissa Vosper, a little over 2 years ago. Negative has been the most rewarding, challenging, and all-consuming endeavor of my life. As there are endless things to do for the business and we're a small team, I strive to be the most productive person I can " part of that is listening to my body and knowing when to give myself a break.

1. I meditate each morning with the Headspace app. It's become a ritual that I really love and see a difference in how I feel, both physically and mentally. I started by setting the bar really low by committing to only 10 minutes, and have gradually increased the time.

2. Every weekday morning, I meet my cousin in the lobby of our building and walk from Chelsea to Soho to work. It's a solid 1 hour walk. I drop my cousin off near Astor Place, and get to use the other 30 min to call my mom or listen to podcasts (my favorites are Radio Lab, This American Life, and HBR Ideacast). I get exercise, QT with my cousin and mom, and vitamin D.

3. The most rejuvenating activity for me is to spend time with people I love and who make me happy. When I worked in finance I had a hard time fitting my friends and family into my schedule. Since launching Negative, I've made it a priority "“ whether it's having an early breakfast with my dad, going to a gym class with a friend, or putting my baby nephew to bed. I schedule these things in my calendar as if their meetings because I know I feel less fulfilled if I don't do them.

4. I have a deep-seated love/hate relationship with my foam roller. It is an incredibly painful, but really successful way to roll out tight muscles " which I have a lot of from sitting in front of the computer. It's only tolerable if I do it while watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

5. I've read lots of studies and personally tested both ways of life: sleep and no sleep. Not surprisingly, I'm a much happier, healthier, more productive person when I've had at least 7 hours of sleep. When I moved into my apartment I designed my bedroom to feel really peaceful and be primed for sleep " all white with a huge dream catcher and no distractions. It's my favorite room in my apartment.

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