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Vaginal Itch Relief Wipes

1 pouch of 28 wipes starting at $10

Need to scratch an itch? Grab a wipe instead. Designed for powerful itch relief, these wipes are medicated for skin-soothing on demand. Made with gentle ingredients, gynecologist-approved, and tucked away in a resealable pouch for convenience.

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Personal Lubricant  +$14

Our silicone-based gel is designed to enhance clitoral pleasure. Made with natural mint and peppermint that cools and tingles on the spot.

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When can I use these anti-itch wipes?

When can I use these anti-itch wipes?

Our vaginal itch relief wipes can be used to help soothe itching associated with minor skin irritation. They come in handy anytime you have an itch that just won’t quit—and we’ve all been there.

Maybe you stayed in sweaty workout clothes for too long, or used an irritating soap by mistake, and now your pH is all out of whack. Our anti-itch wipes can help you find your balance.

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