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Cardboard Applicator Tampons

Cardboard Applicator Tampons

18 count starting at $7 $5.25

No plastic, no problem. These tampons offer serious leak protection, with a smooth, curved tip applicator for added comfort.

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9 Regular
9 Super
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  • Made with 100% organic cotton
  • Cardboard applicator
  • Expands width-wise to protect against leaks
  • Gynecologist-approved
  • Hypoallergenic
  • FDA 510(K) cleared
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How can I get the right absorbency for me?

At LOLA, we know that every period is different. So we’re all about making it easy for you to customize your mix of tampons and pads to fit your flow.

Our cardboard applicator tampons come in Regular and Super. Choose your exact assortment in every box of 18.

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Not to cramp your style...

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