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Compact Plastic Applicator Tampons

Compact Plastic Applicator Tampons

18 count starting at $9 $6.75
For flows that ebb and flow, our 18-pack of LOLA compact plastic applicator tampons is customizable to suit your individual needs. Select a custom combination of Light, Regular, Super, and Super+ tampons so you’re covered, no matter what. Powerful leak protection, every day of your period.
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  • Made with 100% organic cotton
  • Pocket-size, BPA-free plastic applicator
  • Gynecologist-approved
  • Hypoallergenic
  • FDA 510(K) cleared
  • Perfect for those who experience different levels of flow throughout their cycle
  • Smooth, compact design makes them easy to insert and comfortable to wear
  • Expands in all directions to protect against leaks
  • The light absorbency tampons are ideal for the beginning or end of your period when the flow is lighter, while the super plus tampons provide maximum protection for overnight or on heavy flow days
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How can I get the right absorbency for me?

At LOLA, we know that every period is different. So we’re all about making it easy for you to customize your mix of tampons and pads to fit your flow.

Our compact plastic applicator tampons come in four absorbency levels: Light, Regular, Super, and Super+. Choose your exact assortment in every box of 18.

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