Founded by women with sky-high standards, we make period and sexual wellness products with you in mind. No mystery ingredients. So many ways to customize.

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Quality ingredients

We’re always upfront, even on the back of the box. No toxins or dyes, ever. If it’s going in your body, you should know what it’s made of.
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Trusted resources

Our collective of experts has you covered. Find answers to all of the reproductive health questions that keep you up at night.
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On a mission

Giving back is in our DNA. We’ve donated over 6 million products to those in need, and continue to fight for reproductive equity.


We believe reproductive care should be safe and accessible for everyone. We’re dedicated to making that a reality.

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Advocating for change

In 2019, we launched a national campaign with Period Equity to put an end to the discriminatory tampon tax. We continue to amplify the voices of policy makers, raise awareness, and challenge the status quo.
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Setting a new standard

We strive for full transparency in all that we do. From our ingredient lists to our candid conversations about periods and sex, we always tell it like it is.
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Investing in the future

We’re dedicated to shining a light on the racial and social disparities that contribute to reproductive inequity. And we’re working to fight these injustices, together.

“The cool thing about LOLA is that it’s not just changing what goes into tampons; it’s also changing how we get them.”

“Female Founders Call Tampon Tax Unconstitutional And Put A Deadline On Reform”

“LOLA guessed correctly that women want more transparent and safe options from modern brands.”

“This female-led startup wants women to know what their condoms are made of.”

How can we help?

We’re here for the tampon questions, delivery troubleshooting, and anything else on your mind.

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