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On a mission

Make a donation toward the purchase of menstrual hygiene products for someone in need. All boxes will be sent directly to LOLA's partner, I Support the Girls.


We strive for transparency in all that we do. From our ingredient lists to our candid conversations about periods and sex, we always like to tell it like it is.

About the Founders

LOLA was created to address the need for more transparency in women's health. For Jordana and Alex, it started as a passion project to understand whether women would be interested in a tampon product made from healthier, clean ingredients. 

Today, LOLA sells products for Period Care, Sexual Wellness, and Vaginal Care. We leverage communication across our platform to provide our community with health and wellness content to make smart decisions and stay informed.

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Clean Commitment

We define “clean” as safe, non-toxic products that are clearly labeled. Our products are always made without synthetic fibers, fragrance, chlorine bleach, chemical additives, or dyes.

LOLA Retailers

Not to cramp your style...

For orders over $400, please purchase from our B2B Website.