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First Period Guide

First Period Guide

digital guide for $55.00

Get instant access to LOLA’s first period survival guide. Learn body basics, how to prepare for your child's first cycle, and what to expect next.

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  • Co-written with pediatrician Dr. Lisa Stern
  • Includes honest tips, Q&A with real questions
  • Great for pre-teens and parents alike
  • Also included in our First Period Kit
  • Saves to any device for easy access
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What's in the guide

She probably has a million questions about her first period. We did, too. That's why we partnered with leading pediatrician Dr. Lisa Stern to co-author this exclusive e-book. Our first period survival guide is full of honest, straightforward tips, and features a Q&A section with answers to real questions.

Best of all: it's easy to access from any device. So she can take always feel prepared, wherever she may be.

Length: 34 pages Format: PDF We’ll send a digital download of the First Period Guide to your email.

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