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Heating Patch

Heating Patch

pack of 3 patches starting at $11 $8.25

Calm those cramps, naturally. Made to soothe your PMS discomfort, each heating patch lasts for up to 11 hours. So discreet and easy to wear, you’re free to go anywhere. Even if that’s just to the couch. No outlets required.

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  • Natural heat therapy for painful menstrual cramps
  • Up to 11 hours of soothing heat relief
  • Warms on contact to keep you comfortable
  • Easy to apply, discreet for on the go
  • Adheres to your underwear or clothing
  • Free of harsh chemicals
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How do I wear the heating patch?

Peel off the paper backing, and adhere the sticky side of the patch to your underwear or clothing, wherever you’re feeling PMS cramps or soreness. For most, that’s the abdomen or lower back, but you can use it anywhere — just avoid placing the adhesive directly on your skin.

The soft side of the patch can face outward or toward your body. You’ll feel the heat either way. Use immediately after opening, and dispose after use. And finally, calm those cramps.

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