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Women's History

Earl-Haas womens history

Husband of the year: the story of Earle Haas

Fact: the modern-day tampon was invented by a man.
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history-of-sexual-pleasure-for-women womens history

The history of equal sexual pleasure for women

Remember the movie Blue Valentine with Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling?
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thong-image womens history

Who invented thongs?

Sisqó may have been inspired to write an entire song about them, but he wasn’t the first to love thongs.
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Bra-history womens history

The history of the bra

Although certain historical accounts might suggest otherwise, the modern bra does not have one singular inventor.
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Menstrual-pain-history womens history

Menstrual pain throughout history

When we look back on our brave female ancestors, it quickly becomes clear that many of these women did not get enough credit for what they endured.
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