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Sexual Health

pull-out-method-solved sexual health

Sex myth solved: does the pull-out method work?

While the pill has been considered the go-to birth control choice for decades, there’s a growing minority of women opting for the oldest technique in the book: the pull-out method.
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Hormonal-BC sexual health

How hormonal birth control can affect your sex life

Birth control pills revolutionized women’s lives when they became available in the 1960s.
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tackling-taboos sexual health

Tackling taboos: ladies masturbate too!

Women may not discuss masturbation as openly and often as men, but that doesn’t mean they’re not doing it.
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elusive-g-spot sexual health

Your guide to the elusive G-spot

Like Bigfoot or the elusive nature of love, the G-spot is a mysterious beast.
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All-the-ways-you-can-orgasm sexual health

What you need to know about orgasms

I know a bit about orgasms, in that I know that I like them and that I prefer having them during sex to not.
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yoni-eggs sexual health

What’s the deal with yoni eggs?

Could a semi-precious stone bring you better orgasms, increased bladder control, and a stronger core? Fans of yoni eggs think so.
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orgasm-in-your-sleep sexual health

Can you orgasm in your sleep?

When we talk about “wet dreams” or nocturnal orgasms, most people think of awkward teenage boys and their first brush with puberty.
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post-sex-hygiene sexual health

Should you have a post-sex hygiene routine?

In a ideal world, we’d be able to bask in the afterglow of sex for as long as we pleased without worrying about things like vaginal infections and yeast overgrowth
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