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tips-tricks-period periods

8 tips & tricks to make this your easiest period ever

It’s probably no surprise that we love talking about our periods here at LOLA.
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5-natural-ways-alleviate-period periods

Five natural ways to alleviate period pain (Hallelujah!)

A whopping two-thirds of menstruating women experience period pain.
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new image Periods

Why do I have an upset stomach during my period?

Our periods can bring on a slew of not-so-great symptoms, like the mental and emotional side effects of PMS, that monthly jawline breakout, and painful cramps.
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7-surprising-things-period periods

7 surprising things you (probably) didn’t know about your period

From a young age, periods are a fact of life for most women.
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Weight-Scale periods

Is your weight affecting your period?

When your period doesn’t come “regularly” — every 21 to 35 days — it may become a personal annoyance, but it’s also an indication that your body is stressed.
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early-periods periods

Should I be worried if my daughter’s first period is early?

It’s a fact that over the last few centuries the age of puberty onset has dropped significantly.
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new image Periods

Can you still experience PMS on birth control?

Days of cramps, bloating, mood swings, fatigue, and cravings – every single month.
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period-products-safe-to-use-iud periods

Which period products are safe to use with an IUD?

It’s understandable to be concerned that anything you put in your vagina — from period products to sex toys — could potentially pull an IUD out.
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does-sugar-make-my-period-worse periods

How does sugar affect your period?

Sure, we should all “get enough sleep,” “drink more water,” and “not subsist on cake frosting alone,” but when PMS symptoms kick in, all I really want to do is reach for the nearest sugary snack and stuff it in my mouth.
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